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Alpha Sod has been supplying sod to Idaho, Utah and Wyoming for more than a decade. 

Our Idaho sod does extremely well in the tri-state market. Idaho sod in comparison to Utah sod has less weeds, a longer growing season, and is grown in better soil. The climate is a natural deterrent to many weeds that plague Utah sod. Idaho sod also benefits from the cooler climate because there are fewer days over 80 degrees, allowing it to thrive and develop a strong root system and leaf structure, and ensuring that transplanting has a high success rate. Idaho sod also works great in Wyoming, because most of our sod is grown at 5,000+ feet above sea level. This allows it to transplant well...

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Let Alpha Sod deliver your sod directly to your home or business. With our truck-mounted forklift, we can unload your sod right where you need it.  Taking away the pain of manually moving sod from a pickup or trailer to where you need it. This will benefit you greatly on all the extra labor that you would need to get the sod put down in a timely manner.(Please keep in mind, our forklift ...
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Pick up fresh sod and fertilizer at one of our farms, or at our convenient Salt Lake City location. We bring in fresh sod directly from our farm several times a day. We take the work out of the process, since we will load your vehicle so you don't have to. Typically you can fit 500-700sq/ft of sod in the back of a full sized pickup and up to 1,000-1,500sq/ft of sod on a trailer depending on its ...
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