Alpha Sod Your #1 Choice for Sod

Alpha Sod has been supplying sod to Idaho, Utah and Wyoming for more than a decade. 

Our Idaho sod does extremely well in the tri-state market. Idaho sod in comparison to Utah sod has less weeds, a longer growing season, and is grown in better soil. The climate is a natural deterrent to many weeds that plague Utah sod. Idaho sod also benefits from the cooler climate because there are fewer days over 80 degrees, allowing it to thrive and develop a strong root system and leaf structure, and ensuring that transplanting has a high success rate. Idaho sod also works great in Wyoming, because most of our sod is grown at 5,000+ feet above sea level. This allows it to transplant well into the different areas of Wyoming, because the sod doesn’t go into shock from having a huge elevation change from field to final location.